Why I Love Tara Stiles

She gets a lot of grief from yoga traditionalists, and she does things her way, anyway, and with love. She doesn't let anyone shake her vision. She is brave enough to put herself out there and to inspire others to reach for the biggest possible version of their dreams. She is a testament to thinking it, working so very hard at it. Making it happen and then holding the course.

These are all qualities I thought about as I was experiencing a mountain of disappointment and discouragement during my journey to create my family. I was told by relatives and friends to give up, to accept that I'd left it all for too late, that my eggs were too old -- that not even the fertility clinics wanted to work with me any longer. But I kept sticking with my vision and working hard at it.

Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles, Credit: BlissTree.co

If you Google Tara Stiles you'll see that she receives an avalanche of criticism and judgment. And yet she stays true to her vision, celebrates it and lives up to it -- if anything, pushing herself to go further, to dream bigger and to be bolder.

When I look at all that Tara has achieved, the fact that she is the personal yoga teacher for Deepak Chopra and Jane Fonda, and how much goodness, inspiration, and original vision she represents -- I think to myself that she is the perfect speaker for our show. She may not have experienced infertility issues herself, but I know that her example of mental strength in combination with her physical fitness and nutritional regimen -- is exactly what I needed and felt was missing during my own journey.

For all of these reasons, Tara Stiles is an outstanding choice for our show and I'm so pleased that she has said YES.

As we head into October, your suggestions for speakers who are inspiring individuals, and have valuable information to impart to our audience who want to have children, are very welcome. Please share your ideas and feedback at:¬†[email protected].

Warmest Wishes,

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