Fertility Planit Show LA Launches Registration

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What a Week! Thanks to our diligent, endlessly dedicated team, we launched Early Bird Registration on Thursday, October 11th, 2012.

Our prices are about 21% discounted from what they will be starting November 15th onwards. Right now you can get a Both Days ticket for $125! And a one day ticket for $75. You can add a +1 to your ticket for an extra $50 and an extra program to your ticket (2 are included in the standard ticket) for just $15/program per person. We designed our ticket prices to be as low as possible, while still offering our live and online audiences a high quality experience. 
Community Partners, like Keiko Zoll and the Infertility Voice, are already promoting their Unique Discount Codes to help you gain a further 5% off your tickets.
Considering some of our speakers -- like Tara Stiles, Dan Bucatinsky, Dr. Richard Marrs, Ken Cook and Sarah Brokaw -- speak to large audiences at sold-out venues on a regular basis -- the fact that you can see, hear and meet many of the world's most renowned and respected speakers as a group over one weekend in LA, is remarkable.  

We've been blessed to attract their support, and are grateful that almost all confirmed speakers are appearing pro bono, since this is our first year and our launch of Fertility Planit. They believe in our mission to create a community, both live and online, where patients, consumers, experts and thought leaders, can gather on equal footing and have conversations about all options for creating families.

I highly encourage you to sign up and get tickets while we can still offer you seats for the program and speakers you want to see.  Have a look at our agenda of programs and speakers to choose the ones for your ticket that interest you the most.
If you can't get to LA on the weekend of January 12-13th, 2013, know that you can join the Fertility Planit Show online via live streaming and live web chat. We'll be able to show you 10 of our 20 60-minute programs live, and all 20 programs are available for download after the show for $4.99 each.
As ever, I welcome your input on our programs, speakers and on how we're assembling our content and partners together as a resource. Our aim is to create a platform which you may customize to find the information, support and inspiration you want to suit your individual path.
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