Beginner's Guide to Infertility: What To Do When You Want To Get Pregnant but Can't

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Fertility Authority

Holly Gregg
Holly Gregg
Ready To Be A
Blogger, Parent via FET and 2012 RESOLVE/Hope Award Blog of the Year Winner
Richard Marrs
Dr. Richard Marrs
Leading reproductive endocrinologist
Liyun Li
Liyun Li , M.D.
Pacific Fertility Center Physician

Are you trying to get pregnant and finding it more difficult than you thought? Are you considering going to see a fertility specialist to get an opinion? What should you expect and how can you come prepared? This session addresses the first steps to take, what you can expect and how you can get prepared when considering the maze of options and resources available to help you conceive. Holly Gregg, winner of the 2012 RESOLVE Hope Award for Blog of the Year, talks with leading fertility specialist Dr. Richard Marrs of California Fertility Partners, acupuncturist Denise Wiesner of Natural Healing and Acupuncture, and Dr. Liyun Li of Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, to help you make sense of the choices you have when starting out with the process of ART (assisted reproductive technology). This session is sponsored by Fertility Authority.

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