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     Susan Pinsky

    Susan Pinsky

    IVF Advocate; Devoted Wife of Dr. Drew & Proud Mother of Triplets

    Susan Pinsky is mostly known at as a "Mother of triplets" from Pasadena California and married to Dr. Drew Pinsky. Susan was blessed with Douglas, Jordan and Paulina via IVF in1992. Her Children, all age 20, are all presently in College and thriving as young adults at Amherst College, Vanderbilt University and Barnard at Columbia University. Dr. Drew and Susan found the infertility issue to be a challenge, yet have had such a great success, as well. After raising her children and as a partner in the Pinsky Inc. Corporation, Susan has become a board member for Hillsides Educational Foster Care center and loves photography. Her children invite her to be a part of their events, in several states, as a photographic historian. She is supportive to her husband, Dr. Drew, whom is well known on VH1, MTV and HLN and on nationally syndicated radio program called Loveline. 

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