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     Suzanne Rico

    Suzanne Rico

    Fertility Authority Mom of two IVF kids, journalist, and media consultant

    Suzanne Rico, Chief Healthcare Correspondent for FertiityAuthority.com, is an infertility survivor-turned-fertility-advocate.  During her adventures through the daunting and confusing world of assisted reproductive technology (ART), Suzanne, a former television news anchorwoman, endured seven in vitro fertilizations (IVFs), four miscarriages and one major surgery before finally reaching her goal of having children. So complex were her infertility issues, she had to use a surrogate to have her second son. Through it all, she smiled for the cameras, even as the heartbreak and challenge of her journey pushed her closer to the edge.  In her blog, "Been There, Done That" on FertilityAuthority.com, Suzanne offers the lessons learned along the way to those currently in the trenches of the infertility battle, along with the hope and reassurance that it can be won.  She also combines her personal and journalistic experience as a writer, speaker and counselor on fertility issues. 

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