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    Dr. Li Meng PhD

    Dr. Li Meng PhD

    California Fertility Partners Scientific Director

    Leading oocyte cryopreservation expert, Dr.Li Meng, Ph.D. has joined California Fertility Partners as our Scientific Director to establish an egg freezing program. He is a pioneer in the field of oocyte cryopreservation and has helped to develop the media, protocol, and techniques used in oocyte vitrification. He has successfully vitrified over 3000 oocytes. His expertise also extends into micromanipulation, in vitro oocyte maturation, and preimplantation genetics diagnosis (PGD).

    Dr. Meng received his doctorate in reproductive physiology from North Carolina State University and Beijing Agricultural University’s joint program. He completed his post-doctoral training in embryology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada and the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. Dr. Meng's research on nuclear transfer and replacement of oocyte cytoplasm has won national recognition.

    He comes to California Fertility Partners from Santa Monica Fertility Specialists where he most recently served as the Embryology Director. Prior to coming to California, Dr. Meng was the In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory Supervisor at the New York University Fertility Center. Previously, his expertise earned him research and teaching positions at Kansas University Medical Center, Brown University School of Medicine and Tufts University School of Medicine. He is an adjunct professor at both Harbin University in Heilongjiang and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

    His current research is focused on developing vitrification media, an automated vitrification instrument and an embryo culture and imaging system.

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