Yes, This Show Is Really Happening

I think this tweet from @TheWombWarrior is about the biggest confidence booster we've experienced so far:

TheWombWarrior Tweet

For starters: thank you @TheWombWarrior! Next reaction: OMG! Yes, this show is really happening.

We can hardly believe it ourselves. My Fertility Planit team and I are as excited as you are, though totally bleary eyed from working around the clock in a way that can only be fueled by passion for a personal mission. What started off as a vision over a cup of herbal tea in San Francisco, a wishful idea of getting some of the world's most interesting and inspiring experts and thought leaders together for a large consumer fertility experience, is now a reality from which there is no turning back.

Karin and son

With my son, Aidan

As a new single mother, I spend much of my time trying to stop my 17-month old son, Aidan, from turning on the oven and putting his head in it. That's on top of a demanding, full-time job with a broadcasting corporation. And yet I could not turn away from this vision. Week by week, I found myself turning into the Founder of the new start-up Fertility Planit, and discovering what it means to be fueled by my personal mission, which is to help make the path lighter for others as they explore all options for creating families.

For anyone who is considering launching a new start-up business, on top of taking care of existing responsibilities as a parent or aspiring parent, for what it's worth, here are my Top 5 Tips:

    • Aim High.If you're going to follow your personal mission then you owe it to yourself to dream big. What is the product, service or brand that you know is missing and is desperately needed, that you know you have it in you to produce? Imagine the end result. What will that feel like for you, and for the people who will benefit? How is your startup going to change the world and make the lives of your loved ones filled with more happiness?


    • Forget About Sleep.Everyone says not to expect much sleep when you become a new parent. The same can be said of being a new start-up entrepreneur on top of being a new parent, except take away the word "much" and replace it with "almost no." Make sure your mission is about something so big and so important to you, that visualizing the end result inspires you to forget about sleep.


    • Put It Out There.Once your idea and vision capture you, muster up the courage to put it out there. Let it be known what you want to create, and that you will need help, and probably lots of it. With Fertility Planit, to my amazement, people around me responded immediately and said they wanted to be part of it. Suddenly plans were in motion.


    • Surround Yourself With a Like-Minded Team. In my enthusiasm to get going, I joined up with almost the first people who showed up and seemed smart and provided impressive credentials. Turns out that isn't enough. Through much trial and error, I discovered that the team who can make something great happen together are a group of people who share the same standards, values and personal mission.


  • Get Ready To Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves If You Want It To Be Great. Ask yourself how much you really want your startup to be great. Give yourself an honest answer. Is your passion for creating this business so strong, that you're willing to prioritize it over all other personal interests except your children? And are you willing to work harder on bringing this idea to fruition than on anything you've ever worked on besides optimizing your fertility? If the answer is anything but YES! then relax and enjoy your precious time with family and friends. That's what I miss the most and am constantly yearning for.


For those of you who've started a new business or are thinking about it, and are parents or aspiring parents, I'd love to hear about your experiences and get your top tips.


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