Is Traveling For Fertility Treatment Right For You?

This guest post is from Fertility Planit Show 2013 sponsor, Global IVF. Global IVF, Inc. is a free, informational website designed to help intended parents and others in the fertility field learn about cross-border reproductive care. We offer informational articles, expert videos, and an interactive map, along with personalized journeys from people (aka Journeyers) just like you, who’ve picked up their passports to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Global IVF also has a fee-based concierge service, for those who would like personalized assistance on their fertility journey. Please see special contest for a free fertility consultation available to show attendees after the post.


FP_Global_IVF_logo_small_300xGlobal IVF founders understand fertility struggles. They both used the help of a gestational surrogate and egg donor to create their own families The two women are also co-owners of Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, an internationally renown surrogacy agency. They personally know how difficult- emotionally, financially, and physically- fertility treatments can be, so when patients started asking them about the growing fertility trend of cross border reproductive care, Kathryn and Lauri worried about the lack of dependable information available for those looking into traveling for treatment. So, Kathryn and Lauri sought to solve the problem and recently launched Global IVF, Inc. a free, unbiased informational website focused solely on fertility travel. As experts in the fertility field, they know exactly what questions to ask and information to obtain as they travel the world to bring Global IVF’s visitors the best information on international clinics and fertility services.


Why would Americans want to travel overseas for fertility treatment rather than staying close to home? The most popular reason Intended Parents look at overseas options is cost. For example, in Thailand it is estimated that cost of an IVF cycle and surrogacy is ¼ what it might be in America approximately $40,000. This is an estimate and may not factor in incidentals. Another advantage includes taking a stressful, not all that pleasurable experience – an IVF cycle – and combining it with a memorable vacation. Globally, spa wellness programs are becoming popular in conjunction with medical treatment, including IVF and other fertility services. So, you may be able to find travel/medical packages already in place. One surprising thing people may discover is that the U.S. is not the be all. Finally, many people have family in other countries, and therefore there is a familiarity with the location and culture. As you can see there are a variety of good reasons and more for considering traveling abroad for your treatment.


If traveling for fertility treatment is something that interests you, we have outlined a few of the major aspects that are important to research while planning your trip. Of course, as with any medical decision, we encourage all patients to do extensive research on clinics and locations.


  • Legal Restrictions: The first step in choosing a location is learning about the fertility laws in the countries that you are interested in traveling to. Global IVF’s website offers an interactive map with detailed information on fertility laws around the globe. (


  • Success Rates of Clinic: When researching possible overseas clinics we always recommend that you request to see statistics on success rates. These statistics should be as specific to your own demographic as possible. For example, if you are using your own eggs, be sure the statistics you are shown are not specific to egg donors. Do know too that they are “self reporting” and we have found that the numbers will be slightly elevated - but still within the actual range of their success rates


  • Personal Recommendations and Testimonials: We always recommend you speak with others who have worked with the clinic, and, if possible, with patients who traveled to the clinic. Ask about their experience pre, during and post cycle in order to give you an honest sense of the journey. It is always good to ask for a reference from someone who had an unsuccessful cycle, as well as someone with a successful cycle. When clients have positive things to say about a clinic, even without a positive pregnancy test, it speaks volumes about the care.


  • Strong Communication with Clinic: You should have a contact at the clinic that is fluent in your native language and readily available to assist you.  It is important that you feel your questions are understood and answered in full, in a timely manner and that the clinic is responsive.


  • Factor in All Expenses: A final thing to keep in mind is that your overall cost may not end up being as low as you originally planned. Clients often forget to factor in the cost for travel, food and accommodations (as well as taking time of work). Also, additional cycles might be necessary, in which case your travel and accommodation costs can add up.


That said, there are many wonderful, affordable options for fertility treatments around the globe.  But remember that researching and choosing your destination and clinic should be a well thought-out process. There is a lot to consider when traveling for treatment, so you may also want to hire a concierge service to assist with the process. Whether the service just helps you pick the destination and clinic, or assists you throughout the entire process, many people find the extra support is invaluable during this journey.


If you do decide that traveling overseas is the best treatment option for you, Global IVF wishes you the best of success and happy travels!

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